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Targeting bin Laden

From the hunt, the planning and the execution of the final plans, targeting bin Laden is a documentary / chronology of the events leading up to the killing by seal team 6 of the United States’ most wanted man.

Loose Change, Final Cut

Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut documentary opens with a brief description of past suspicious and questionable motives in the history of American government. This discussion includes mention of Operation Northwoods, a plan put forward during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 to create and utilize bogus terrorist attacks against the United States which were to be blamed on Cuba as a pretext for invasion of


9-11: Improbable Collapse

“The dramatic collapse of World Trade Center 7 is something everyone ought to see . . . It really does have the characteristics of an explosive demolition.” Dr. Steven Jones, physicist, author of “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?” The film closely examines one of the world’s worst catastrophes from a civil engineering perspective. Using photo and video footage as well as expert