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The Problem With Walmart: The High Toll of Low Prices

high cost walmart

“This documentary takes the viewer on a deeply personal journey into the everyday lives of families struggling to fight Goliath. From a family business owner in the Midwest to a preacher in California, from workers in Florida to a poet in Mexico, dozens of film crews on three continents bring the intensely personal stories of an assault on families and American values.”

Wal-Mart has


Currency Wars

currency wars

Information from this investigation has already been shared with the Pentagon, CIA, Congress, and the Treasury . . .

The findings from what you’re about to view suggest that our government, our economy, and your wealth may soon fall victim to a devastating and incomprehensible assault from the rise of Currency Wars.

Appearing in this video investigation is a team of the top minds in


Culture in Decline: Economics 101


The topic of this show entitled Economics 101 deals with the subject of Economic Calculation, Market Rationale and its effects, along with considerations of the Scientific Principles of Sustainability. This episode features long winded and generally insulting rhetoric, a special guest Gremlin, CID’s “Man on the Street” and the return of the evil peach-suit capitalist – Peter’s alter ego. “Culture in Decline” is a satirical


Why the Banks NEVER Lose


As the credit crunch continues to leave Britain cash-strapped and high street banks report huge losses, Dispatches investigates who is responsible for the current crisis.

Reckless lending and risky investments have been blamed for directly driving up mortgage rates and increasing the numbers of people losing their homes.

Dispatches investigates how the bank chiefs allowed this to happen and if lessons have been learn from


Maxed Out: Americas Death Spiral Into Poverty

Predatory creditors, collectors, foreclosure, poverty and homelessness are just some of the aspects examined in this documentary covering credit and joblessness facing Americans today at an ever expanding rate.

Planned Obsolescence

In a profit based monetary system, technology will never reach it’s fullest potential and efficiency, abundance, quality or lifespan of devices will be secondary to cyclical consumption via planned obsolescence.


Journalist Michael Ruppert details his unnerving theories about the inexorable link between energy depletion and the collapse of the economic system that supports the entire industrial world. Helmed by filmmaker Chris Smith (American Movie), Ruppert’s monologue explains how the lies and political propaganda fed to Americans by big business will eventually lead to global collapse of the financial system, world infrastructure, and the intentional genocide