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UFO: I Know What I Saw

“I know what I saw” is a very compelling documentary on the subject of UFOs. It has excellent focus and presents an undeniable body of evidence which will turn the biggest skeptics (Well, maybe not the biggest ones) into believers. James Fox has provided us with a unique public service by busting through some of the veils of secrecy and giving us the startling facts!


The Horizon Project

The Horizon Project uses an unprecedented approach to deciphering the answers behind life’s most puzzling questions; breaking through the flawed explanations of fragmented modern theory that compound each year to further mask the truth. See the overwhelming scientific evidence previously lost and re-discover the shocking answers that have been under our noses all along. No matter your belief system or your professional background; The Horizon


The Roswell of Brazil

This is a story of a remarkable UFO crash event that took place in 1996, in the small Brazilian town of Varginha. Many locals saw the crash and then there were numerous reports of seeing a small “alien” life form trying to hide and appearing to be frightened. The U.S. also managed to get their hands into the thick of this crash for obvious reasons.


Science of Crop Circles

Where does this mysterious crop circle phenomena come from? Is it done by man as a joke? So why do people have extraordinary experiences then? Flying ball of lights were seen in and around crop circles. Or is it an alien intelligence which try to communicate with us? The geometry which can be found in crop circles, included a lot of mathematics which can be


Bible Mystery: Exodus

This is the Book of Exodus, the story of Moses, the enslaved Israelites, ten terrible plagues and the epic parting of the Red Sea. Explore the possible causes between these events and investigate ecological theories that demonstrate how they might have been locked together in a web of cause and effect.

Find out whether or not the stories of the Bible are based on real


Nostradamus 2012

This documentary covers the prophecies of Nostradamus and how they might relate to 2012. Those promoting the 2012 changes have thrown out a wide range of possibilities for what might happen – everything from a literal end of the world, to dramatic social, economic, political and climatic upheaval, to a “spiritual awakening,” which, of course, could mean almost anything.

Why 2012, well, one assumption is