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Inside the NSA

If you enjoyed NSA:Ultimate Spying you will truly enjoy this documentary that also covers some of the NSA’s ways and means, including a look at one of the agency’s supercomputer’s called the thinking machine, a huge computer utilized for breaking codes. Also covered are some of the history leading up to the creation of the NSA including the role of code


MKUltra: CIA Mind Control Experiments

This Older Documentary Chronicles the Involvement of the CIA in mind control experiments. The operation was called “MKUltra” and involved not only volunteers who were aware of the experiments but also apparently there were many being drugged who were unaware they were the subject of mind control experimentation.

Secrets of the CIA

This documentary explains how the CIA perfected the use of manipulation of people, commerce and governments to achieve the political and security goals of the United States, almost seeming to ignore at times the cost to human life.

NSA: Ultimate Spying

The NSA (National Security Agency) is tasked, officially, with electronic surveillance upon nations outside the U.S., however the 9-11 attacks seemed to change all that and brought down heavy surveillance via the NSA upon the American people using AT&T. Siphoning millions of emails, phone calls, satellite and any other type of electronic messaging you can think of. This Documentary displays some of the incredible technology