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Ancient Aliens: Alien Tech

In this History Channel Documentary from the Ancient aliens series, we see examined the notion of the possibility that our current technology was seeded by extraterrestrial visitors from thousands of years ago. Evidence and testimony are presented by both authors and scientists.

Ancient Aliens: Alien Visitations

In this History Channel Documentary from the Ancient aliens series, we see examined the various clues that point to extraterrestrial visitors and their influence on our culture from thousands of years ago. Evidence and testimony are presented by both authors and scientists.

The Mexican Roswell

Coyame, Mexico is a small town not far from the US border. It’s home to three thousand people and possibly the best-kept secret of all-time. In August of 1974, the USA military was tracking a mysterious object over Mexico; then suddenly it disappeared from radar near Coyame. At the same time a civilian plane headed in the opposite direction is reported missing. What follows next


Secret Access: UFO’s on the Record

From radar evidence that had been discovered was intentionally destroyed to the refusal for information and comment by the U.S. military, this documentary on the UFO enigma runs an impressive gamut of credible sightings and other close encounters involving UFO’s.

UFO: Examining the MJ-12 Documents

What does the United States government truly know about UFOs and alien visitors on Earth? Evidence exists today that some military officials may know more than we realize. One example is the MJ-12 documents which are signed by United States presidential order and describe strict official protocols and procedures on how military personal are to handle and investigate real alien and UFO encounters.

After years


UFO: The Secret Evidence We Are Not Alone

MJ-12 refers to an elite TOP SECRET military group called into action by United States presidential order to investigate and conceal real alien and UFO encounters.

Written by Jim Marrs, New York Times best-selling author of Crossfire, Alien Agenda and Rule by Secrecy.

This story and the trail of scientific discovery presented in this film proves that the official US government position on UFOs has


UFO’s and the Military Industrial Complex

In the years immediately following World War II, the U.S. military discovered that UFOs were a serious national defense issue. To secretly investigate this mysterious phenomenon an ad hoc military bureau was formed by President Harry Truman named “Majestic-12” or “MJ-12”. Over the years since its inception this covert agency has likely gained more autonomous power than the nation it was commissioned to serve. In


Ultimate UFO

From around the world and across five decades come 250 film clips from 26 countries (and outer space!) backed up by fully authentic US government documents, many formerly classified “SECRET”.

Ultimate UFO! Is the most comprehensive collection of UFO film and video clips ever assembled–more than five and-a-half hours’ worth–covering almost fifty years of sightings! This DVD includes excerpts from the USAF’s Project Blue Book


UFO: I Know What I Saw

“I know what I saw” is a very compelling documentary on the subject of UFOs. It has excellent focus and presents an undeniable body of evidence which will turn the biggest skeptics (Well, maybe not the biggest ones) into believers. James Fox has provided us with a unique public service by busting through some of the veils of secrecy and giving us the startling facts!


The Roswell of Brazil

This is a story of a remarkable UFO crash event that took place in 1996, in the small Brazilian town of Varginha. Many locals saw the crash and then there were numerous reports of seeing a small “alien” life form trying to hide and appearing to be frightened. The U.S. also managed to get their hands into the thick of this crash for obvious reasons.