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EMP: Electronic Armageddon

This documentary takes an informative look at the threat of EMP or Electro Magnetic Pulse as a weapon.
EMP’s are huge bursts of electromagnetic frequency energy with enough intensity to disable and destroy electronic circuitry over a huge region.
The threat these EMP’s can have on a technologically centric society such as the United States is immeasurable and this documentary points this out in a way that will surely leave you wondering or even fearful.

5 comments to EMP: Electronic Armageddon

  • Watchtower Maya

    Your Content on ths Story EMP: Electronic Armageddon is being blocked? from anyone I've sent it to on my Facebook Page. When I tried to resend it again with your website address on story it didn't even show up this time on my FB Page at all.Besides myself who received it in my email, can't see Content on Story. This is the first time I've ever had a problem sharing the Stories you've sent to my email Is there a reason for it or is it beeing blocked?

    Thanks for all your hard work,


  • Uncle Sam

    Our Governments defense program, when they sat their fighting the "war on terror," they mean it. A person can be tortured by lasers, electromagnetic wavelengths. In another words if your a target, God help you because these satellites can…Kill you…They can make you schizophrenic because they can place thoughts in your head…They can hear every thought and see your visions, comment on your visions, they can follow you around everywhere! So watch yourself, because Big Brother may be watching you!

  • Education should be free in the society because then the poor people also can learn their education. Education should be easily available for all the society members. The quality of the education should be same for all the society members.

  • Robert Cottrell

    The only reason and hope for man is Jesus Christ.
    Human government has utterly failed humanity and will never deliver only destroy.May the Lord Jesus reveal Himself to a rebellious manking ]

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