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The Day Before Disclosure

Are we standing at the threshold of the most shocking paradigm-shift ever? Is the “greatest story in human history” about to be revealed? This is one of the comprehensive documentaries ever produced on the on the UFO and ET presence, – and the secrecy surrounding this issue. What do we know by now, – and what do we know about why we should not know? The film is presenting the UFO-history and some of the best documented cases from both the European and the American continents. Eyewitnesses and many of today’s most renowned UFO-researchers present their testimonials and views. The implications of Disclosure and the anticipated impact on society is discussed. The film also presents the alien abduction phenomenon, and issues surrounding it.

3 comments to The Day Before Disclosure

  • Gene

    More "conspiracy" theory….I want the saucers license plate number & a photo of ET…

  • mikew2a

    well, if you try and look at the issues with an open mind and a little healthy skepticism then maybe you'll find the content a little more palatable.

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