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UFO: Hangar 18, Wright Patterson AFB

Wright field in Ohio (Wright Patterson air force base) serves as the centerpiece for this UFO documentary taking a close look at known evidence and credible testimony from government insiders concerning hangar 18, a particular hangar on Wright Patterson where it is said that the crash debris from the roswell crash had gone, and is believed to be the final repository of all downed UFO’s and extrterrestrial remains (alien bodies) recovered in the U.S.
Wright Patterson base has a long history

7 comments to UFO: Hangar 18, Wright Patterson AFB

  • Sure why not. It is really simple. In the beginning God created Man and all other creatures. We are the forth in created beings according to the Holy Bible. Angels sraphims and cherbims then us.

  • M Jones

    ok, thereby proving once & for all, We are NOT ALONE in the Universe!

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  • jeffersontom

    Nonsense…Balderdash…More conspiracy theory…

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